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Trump’s Rise to the Presidency

Are any of you amazed at Donald Trump’s rise to the Presidency of the United States?  Did you think it was possible that he would come so close to clenching the GOP nomination?  Do you think that he will be nominated or will there be a brokered convention and if there there is a brokered convention how do you see that playing out?

Do you feel that his business acumen will give him a huge edge over the establishment candidates?  Do you feel that – Trump – being a non-politician – if fact makes him a real politician instead of what are known as professional politicians?   Do you think the really cares about America?  That he wants his children and our children to be raised in an America that used to be and whose ideals have changed greatly?  Is it possible for him to take America back to it’s golden years that so many older people remember with such dignity?

Please comment and share your thoughts on Donald Trump’s what looks to be GOP Nomination for President of the United States.