About We Are 1776

Founded by Alec Scheer, We Are 1776 is a pro-freedom public policy journal dedicated to integrity, intellectual commentary, and bringing a new, youthful face to the political debate. We are unconventional,  bringing to you nothing short of against-the-grain news.

We Are 1776 is a public-policy venture established and run by multiple college aged students whom have been heavily involved in public policy advocacy. Our goal at WA6 is to look behind the grandeur that emanates from the legislature and analyze policy in a manner that preserves taxpayer capital and individual freedom. We plan to eventually form WA6 as a public policy firm, though, for right now, we are using this website to document our work in the public policy field. During the early stages of creating our business plan, we decided that we’d not only utilize this website to document our work, but to, in essence, form an online policy journal.

WA6 currently operates in seven states and one district: California, Washington State, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, Florida, Utah and the District of Columbia. Additionally, we’re pleased to have Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks, CA) and Representative David Taylor (R-Moxee, WA State) contributing weekly columns. We’re also indebted to our journalists, all of whom are working for WA6 on a volunteer basis, making up our objective writing team (reporting on legislation and public policy in their state in an objective manner): Ken Gillespie (CA), Cory Dohm (CT), Mike Gabrieli (PA), Sarah Neudaum (PA), Sai Nimmagadda (WA State), Ryan Sabot (Washington D.C.), Ryan Bell (Florida), and Michael Gray (VA). We also owe a “thank you” to Mikeal Thalen, a journalist for the Examiner, Ezra Van Auken from Spread Liberty News, and the Tenth Amendment Center Update, for allowing us to aggregate and post their work.

For those of you who are not so much about public policy, but all about plain-and-simple free-market economics, entrepreneurship, and business, we are rolling out The Atlas Business Journal in a few weeks. The Atlas Business Journal is a blog that will feature commentary on business initiatives and financial reports around the nation, and how those reports affect you.

We Are 1776 is constantly updated and edited by its Managing Partners and Editors Alec Sheer, Marc Connuck, Sri Nimmagadda, and Sai Nimmagadda.

The Team

Editor-in-Chief: Alec Scheer

Managing Editors/ Partners: Marc Connuck, Sri Nimmagadda, and Sai Nimmagadda.

Alec Sheer is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of We Are 1776. His interests include public policy, finance, and business economics. While previously the Senior Staff Writer for the Libertarian Party of Washington, Alec now focuses on overseeing the business practices and working on the strategic plan for We Are 1776. He currently resides in Sacramento, California, where he is an intern-aide for Congressman Tim Donnelly and a strategist for Manuel Martin’s assembly campaign.

Marc Connuck is a Managing Partner for We Are 1776. His interests include public policy, business, and economics in a practical setting. While heavily involved with the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, he is going to be attending the University of Pittsburgh and hopes to one day pursue legal studies.

Sri Nimmagadda is an active libertarian activist and Managing Partner/ Editor for We Are 1776. Sri Nimmagadda is passionate about economic theory and its application in academic and professional settings. Sri Nimmagadda also serves as the Senior Staff Writer for the Libertarian Party of Washington where he manages a team of writers to work on policy analysis, Founder and CEO of EdSuccess Consulting Group, a collective of students dedicated to promoting academic growth in Washington state. At We Are 1776, Sri is primarily focused on the long-term strategic plan, social media relations, and writing quality.

Sai Nimmagadda is a Managing Partner/ Editor for We Are 1776, where he handles the writing quality and manages the writers. Sai Nimmagadda is also an intern for the City of Mill Creek, where he works finance on a public works project, a volunteer for EdSuccess, and a contributor to the Libertarian Party of Washington.